Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Quick Update

Things have been very hectic this past several months as I have returned to school myself working towards a second master's degree this time in counseling. So I pack my backpack and head off to college in the morning with Jenn! It has been exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time - not unlike homeschooling was all those years.

We move towards spring when many things will change around here. Sarah will graduate from Eurythmy Spring Valley in May; we will head out first for solo performances and then a couple of weeks later for the graduation performance. Hard to believe she will be a eurythmist in four short months! Jenn will graduate from the University of Missouri, Columbia with full university honors in May as well. As soon as the Honors Convocation is done and we have our pictures, we get on a plane to head to Spring Valley for soloes! Then she will head to Washington, D. C. for the year first with Truman Scholars Summer Institute and then with the Truman-Albright Fellowship program.

Josh will also graduate this spring from our homeschooling high school. Thus our homeschooling adventure will officially come to an end. He is discerning his future; even though he was accepted into the several schools he applied to, he will most likely take a year off and spend much of that time exploring D. C. and living with Jenn for the year. The empty nest is almost upon me! Good I have so many fiber art projects and my own school work (till spring 2010) to keep me busy. And, maybe I will have more time to add to this blog!

I apologize for not adding more updates more consistently. I did hope to get more done over the holiday break but that time flew by. I will say this - keep believing in the work you are doing and enjoy your days with your little and middle-sized ones. Even though I know you don't really want to believe me, the years fly by too quickly. I love this stage with my children but there are sometimes I do miss the days of reading together, making messes, and just enjoying each others' company. And, even though I clearly remember the rough days, there are times when I miss even those days as well.

Keep on having fun together - laugh, read, sing, play, even cry - soon enough they will soar!

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